About us

Taştan Law and Consultancy continues to serve you valuable clients with its expert staff since 1997, based in Istanbul.

Our office has kept pace with the dynammy of every generation with its extensive network of clients, both nationally and internationally, and has always kept its vision beyond the age.

Our office provides professional services in world class and in various languages with its 10-person lawyer staff and 8-person professional support unit.

Taştan Law

Taştan Law and Consultancy, which was established with the mission of producing effective solutions to legal problems in the developing world, is based on a department; He serves in the fields of Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Administrative and Tax Law, Competition Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Protection of Personal Data, Venture Capital Investments, Migration Law, International Commercial Law, Press and Media, Itiner law, Corporate Law. Check out our Workspaces page for more.